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     Still learning how to use your camera and need a little help? Photo Tours Dublin offer Full and Half Day, 1-2-1 photography workshops aimed to help you understand your camera and all its settings. The workshops are designed to accommodate all levels.

     Regardless of your existing photography skill level, all 1-2-1 workshops are tailored to meet your requirements. If you are an absolute beginner having just picked up your first camera or more seasoned photographer, just looking to brush up on certain skills, the workshop is designed to suit your requirements. 

     In other words, you tell me what you want to get from the workshop and I will focus on those elements. The workshops are 1-2-1 and are designed to suit your own needs on the day. This is just a list of the subject areas that the workshop can focus on. If you have already covered any of these areas and do not want to go over them again they will not be part of the workshop. To help me design the workshop you want, I will be in contact with you at the time of the booking. The workshops can also be booked as a private tour if you would like to visit specific locations or visit hidden locations that are not well known that I have discovered over the years when exploring my hometown.

Key Workshop Points

• Flexible start times. (Arranged to suit guest)

• Only one guest per experience.

• Workshop is personalised to the guest’s requirements.

• Early or Late starting times (Sunset\City Lights).

• Pre-Planned Route or Customised Route/Location to suit guests

• Workshops can be booked as a private tour of Dublin’s locations.

• Guest may request to increase group size if traveling as a group.

Workshop Locations

      Photo Tours Dublin is Dublin based, however this does not limit the workshop locations to Dublin. To construct the workshop to best suit the customers’ requirements, locations can be discussed and agreed at the time of booking. This is the preferred option, as opposed to Photo Tours Dublin specifying the location. Therefore, offers the customer more input to the details of the workshop location. Please note some travel costs may accrued, all details will be quoted before booking is confirmed.

Workshop Start Times

     The start time for the 1-2-1 workshops is flexible. This will allow for a start time to take in the night time city lights or sunsets if the weather permits. This will be agreed after the booking is made and agenda for the workshop has been planned with the customer in advance of the date of the booked for the workshop.

      What is covered on the workshop

     Camera Settings

  • Shutter speeds - How to freeze motion or show movement in the image.

  • Aperture & Depth of field - How to blur or capture the background in the image.

  • White balance & Colour Temperature - How to choose the correct mode for the light you have when shooting.

  • Light meter - Relationship between Shutter Speed - Aperture - ISO.

  • Metering modes - Center-Weighted, Spot, Partial, Multi-Zone.

  • Focus points & focus modes - Continuous, One Shot, Auto, Manual.

  • Shooting Modes, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Manual, Bulb.

  • File Types - Raw v jpeg.

     Camera Equipment

  • Lenses - Choosing the right lens, (Zoom - Wide angle - Telephoto - Prime - Macro) to suit the subject or scene what you want to capture.

  • Image Stabilisation - Advantages

  • Flashguns - On Camera or Off Camera, including flash triggers.

  • Tripods - Advantages and disadvantages.


  • Elements of composition are - Patterns, Texture, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Depth of field, Lines, Curves, Frames, Contrast, Colour, Viewpoint, Depth, Negative space, Filled space, Foreground, Background, Visual tension, Shapes

  • Orientation - Landscape or Portrait.

  • Perspective - Constructing the elements within the frame.

     How to Book and Pay a Workshop

with Photo Tours Dublin

     It is advisable to contact Photo Tours Dublin in advance of making a booking. This to allow the workshop to be tailored to meet your requirements. You can contact Photo Tours Dublin if you have any questions before booking by


Mobile/Cell: +353 87 978 9596

     Alternately, you can fill in the contact form below providing a possible date that you would like to book and brief outline of what you would like to cover on the workshop. I will then contact you to finalise the details for the workshop. 

     Photo Tours Dublin uses a fully integrated and secure booking system to streamline our bookings. Payments are accepted from all Credit Cards and PayPal on this system and is fully automated and secure.  To Book a Workshop just click the "Booking" link on the menu and select the

Half Day Personal 1-2-1 Photography Workshop at €120 (3.5 Hours)

  • Duration 3.5 Hours

  • Flexible start time

  • Including a break for Tea/Coffee


Full Day Personal 1-2-1 Photography Workshop at €180 (6 Hours)

  • Duration 6 Hours

  • Flexible start time

  • Including a break for Lunch

     If you are already in Dublin and want to make a last-minute booking, please contact Photo Tours Dublin by the methods outlined above and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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